Keep More Cash in Your Pocket With a Game-Changing Deposit Alternative

Standby Deposits could help you secure your next apartment using credit rather than cash, freeing up your money for investments or savings

Advantages of a standby deposit alternative

Simplifying Your Rental Deposit Process

Low-cost monthly subscription
Most renters pay as low as $4 per month for a $1,000 Standby Deposit
Keep your cash where it belongs - with you
With no cash being held by your landlord, you can do more of what you want
Only pay what was used by your landlord
When your landlord utilizes a Standby Deposit, you're responsible for the amount owed. If nothing is owed, your standby deposit is cancelled.
Standby Deposit

A deposit, minus all the hassle

Keep your cash and sign up for a cost effective alternative with Standby Deposit

Pay down other debts
Invest your cash
Just do something better with it
How it works

Ready to Get Started with Standby Deposits?


Sign Up

Create an account and apply for a Standby Deposit on our website or through an email link from the community you areapplying to

We do a quick check and create your Standby Deposit

Verify your identity and check your credit to determine eligibility

Get Approve for a Standby Deposit & Move-In

Once you're approved with Standby Deposits you'll pay a low-cost monthly subscription
How it works

What happens when you move out?


You're ready to move out


Your landlord completes an inspection


They use your Standby Deposit for any damages and you pay us the balance we covered

eligibility and terms

All you need to know

Everyone is eligible to apply
Only covers up to the amount of the required security deposit
Pricing starts as low as $4 per month for a $1,000 Standby Deposit
You are liable to pay any damages or unpaid rent/costs
Exactly in the same way a cash deposit would be used by your landlord
A Standby Deposit is not insurance. It is a line of credit that you are liable for
Non-payment will effect your credit
Terms :
A Standby Deposit is a credit product
Instead of providing a cash deposit you sign up for a Standby Deposit
You pay a small monthly fee and move in
You treat the Standby Deposit like a normal deposit. You’re still liable to pay for any damages or unpaid rent / costs. Any dispute  should be handled using the same methods as if a cash deposit had been in place (I.e. Small claims court)
End of lease terms :
Your landlord does an inspection
If your landlord needs to use a Standby Deposit to cover damages or unpaid rent/costs then we will pay that cost up to the amount of the Standby Deposit
You are responsible for repaying a used Standby Deposit
No interested is charged for 30 days after a Standby Deposit is used. After that, we offer repayment over time with interest