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Our vision

To Change the Way People Rent

By redefining the move-in and deposit process

Transform Your Rental Experience: Use Credit Instead of Cash

Leveraging credit  to offer a low monthly fee in place of your traditional security deposit

Starting as low as $4 per month
Lower upfront move-in costs
Helping to keep more cash in your pocket

Empowering landlords with Standby's deposit alternative

Simplify your move-in and deposit process with Standby

Create a more efficient move-in process
Same liquidity as cash deposits
Reduce the administrative burden with Standby
Redefining Security deposits with Standby

The obvious choice for renters and landlords

Hassle-free renting

Simplify the process for both renters and landlords, making the rental experience more efficient

As safe as traditional deposits, but more convenient

With Standby, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with traditional rental deposits

Empowering renters and boosting landlord revenue

Standby empowers renters by freeing up cash that can be put towards other needs, while simultaneously protecting landlords
Standby platform

A great platform to handle deposits

Our platform allows renters and landlords to manage their Standby Deposits with ease

Unlock Renter Advantages with Standby deposits

Enhance Your Credit Score While Building Rental History

Your Path to Create a Stronger Credit Score and Rental History

Benefits :
Choose to share your on-time rental payments with credit agencies to boost your credit score
Add your past rental history to Standby and receive references from before your enrollment
Store and share your rental history with prospective landlords through Standby Deposits
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Frequently asked questions

Get answers to all the questions you have.
What are Standby Deposits?

Standby Deposits are a line of credit extended to the tenant and available to the landlord. The line is only drawn if the landlord needs to access the deposit as per the terms of the lease agreement.

How much does a Standby Deposit cost?

They start at just $4 per month for a $1,000 Standby Deposit.

What happens if a Standby Deposit is used by a landlord

The same as if a cash deposit had been used, except it's being drawn from a credit line. The money gets transferred to the landlord on demand and without any claims process. The deposit is treated exactly like a cash deposit and if there is a disagreement between the renter and landlord about the deposit usage, then the same methods for solving it as a cash deposit should be used. Standby Deposits does not get involved.

Much like a bank account that holds a cash deposit in escrow, a Standby Deposit is a deposit that the landlord controls. Standby Deposits is just an intermediary that holds the deposit in the form of a line of credit.

How does a renter repay a used Standby Deposit?

When a landlord uses a Standby Deposit to cover damage or unpaid rent/costs the funds are transferred to the landlord on demand. A bill is generated for the renter that can be paid without interest in 30 days or repayment can be spread over a longer period of time (up to 3 years).

The landlord will have to follow local laws about sharing the details of why a deposit was used.