Step into the future of renting and unlock a hassle-free alternative to traditional deposits.

Egill Agustssonm Elvar Thormar and Clint Miller standing together
Change The Way You Rent

Imagine a world where residents don’t have to pay upfront for a security deposit, and properties don’t have to compromise on protection. That’s the future of renting with Standby Deposits.

Graph showing percentage of returned deposits at the end of a lease

3 out of 4 security deposits are returned at the end of a lease term

Graph showing trouble accessing cash for people in America

44 million American households find themselves unable to access their cash as it's required to be kept in separate bank accounts

Security deposits shouldn’t prevent residents from finding their dream spaces, and  properties shouldn’t have to reduce their level of protection to lower vacancies. That’s why we designed Standby Deposits to be a game-changing solution for both residents and properties alike.

Meet The Standby Team

Our team blends decades of renting and property management experience with deep industry expertise in finance, compliance, and banking.

Egill Agustsson, co-founder and CEO of Standby
Egill Agustsson
co-founder, CEO
Innovative thinker and transformative strategist with over a decade of experience in finance, economics, credit, and banking.
13+ yrs renting experience
Elvar Thormar, Egill Agustsson, co-founder and CPO of Standby
Elvar Thormar
co-founder, CPO
Experienced founder and tech entrepreneur with a passion for building new businesses that disrupt the status quo.
10+ yrs renting experience
Clint Miller, co-founder and CRO of Standby
Clint Miller, CPM®
co-founder, CRO
Knowledgeable property management executive with almost two decades of experience developing go-to-market plans and operational strategies for property managers.
15+ yrs renting experience
Bert Friedman, Director of Compliance at Standby
Bert Friedman
Director of Compliance
Bilingual compliance professional with a passion for integrating regulatory compliance with compelling brand communications.
Emily Young, Credit Risk and Fraud at Standby
Emily Young
Credit Risk and Fraud
Risk leader with experience in operations, credit and fraud risk, enterprise management, data analytics, and leadership development.
Adriaan van Zyl, Bank Partnership Consultant at Standby
Adriaan van Zyl
Bank Partnership Consultant
Former bank CEO, now driving FinTech and Bank Partnerships, BaaS, and Digital Banking strategies.
Strong, Trusted, and Stable

Backed by a group of world-class investors.

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Standby Deposits is proud to be backed by a world-class group of investors who have contributed millions of dollars in financing. Any interested investors are encouraged to contact a member of our team.
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Standby Deposits integrate seamlessly with Yardi and most other property management systems.

Because Standby Deposits natively integrates into most property management systems, it requires virtually no additional staff training and minor procedural changes for property managers. Streamlined efficiencies and integrated processes at their finest.

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Standby Deposits make things easier for both properties and their residents.

From removing eliminating barriers to move-in or helping property operations run more smoothly, Standby Deposits offers a wealth of benefits.

No commingling of funds.
No claims process.
Keep existing property management systems.
Eliminate time spent processing cash deposits.
Eliminate move-in barriers for residents.