A simpler Deposit Solution

Eliminate the hassle of traditional security deposits

Standby’s security deposit solution helps owners and operators drive efficiencies, lower vacancy rates, and reduce move-in barriers

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Traditional cash deposits are a thing of the past. Welcome to the future of renting

Traditional cash security deposits are a thing of the past. With Standby Deposits, owners and operators can reduce upfront move-in costs while maintaining on-demand access to funds - plus reducing vacancy rates, preventing commingling of funds and streamlining processes.

No Commingling of Funds
Standby Deposits handles all deposit funds for your properties, preventing the commingling of funds.
No Claims Process
Properties can draw on a Standby Deposit at move-out without having to deal with burdensome claims processes.
Use Your Existing Systems
Standby Deposits integrates seamlessly with your property management system, so staff can keep their existing move-in and move-out processes unchanged.

How a Standby Deposit Works

Move in

We Offer Your Residents a Standby Deposit

Once you approve an applicant, they automatically receive an offer to apply for a Standby Deposit. Once they are approved by us, we automatically update your system to show that the deposit is taken care of with a Standby Deposit. Everything is digital, so no cash changes hands but your property has access to the Standby Deposit funds on-demand.

During lease

Your Property Is Fully Protected

Just like with a cash deposit, your property has on-demand access to funds, up to the full deposit amount. On-site teams can rest assured, knowing that the deposit is there but without the hassle of managing it.

Move out

Standby Pays Any Charges At Move-Out

At move-out, the Standby Deposit is available to be used by the property. All the on-site team needs to do is their deposit accounting and if the deposit needs to be utilized, then it is transferred into a nominated account of the property. Residents will then settle up with us and we handle closing out the Standby Deposit

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Seamless Integration With Your Property Management System

Our out-of-the-box API integrations are compatible with most property management systems.
We provide expert customer support for any needs that arise.
Want to know if your current software  is compatible?  Contact us

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