An alternative to security deposits

Eliminate the hassle of managing deposits

A next generation Deposit Management System, making things easier for your staff and residents

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Landlord`s dashboard

Manage all your security deposits with Standby

Piggybacks on your current processes and saves time for your staff
A simple solution for residents
Provides the same protection as your current cash deposits

An easy resident experience

Welcome new residents effortlessly
Embedded in your application process
Automated process at move-in and move-out
Tenant`s dashboard
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Works with existing property management solutions

Out-of-the-box API integrations
Expert customer support
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Join top property managers on the mission to redefine rental deposits

Security deposits are costly to manage and regulation is constantly changing

A Standby Deposit is a monthly subscription that replaces the traditional security deposit for renters throughout their stay.

How Standby works