Rent your units faster + protect your property

Standby Deposits make your property more attractive to renters with no up-front cash deposit requirement - All while protecting your property with a hassle free standby security deposit that’s available to you at any time


A better way to solve deposits

Lower Vaccancy
A no-cash move-in allows you to rent faster and lower your vaccany. It improves your product
Higher Revenue
Lower vaccancy, a stronger product and admin fees generate immediate revenue
Same Protection
A Standby Deposit has the exact same protection as a cash deposit. It is available to be transferred into a bank account on demand
Standby Deposits

A normal deposit, minus all the hassle

Exactly the same protection as a cash deposit without the admin hassle

On-demand access to cash
No returning a check to a resident with interest (if state requires)
Faster turnaround
How it works

How do Standby Deposits work?


Sign up you residents

Either by bulk upload or by individual Standby Deposit creation. We send an email to them to finish the process

We do a few checks and create a Standby Deposit

Verify their identity and check credit

Move-in your residents

You're protected by a Standby Deposit
How it works

What happens at move-out?


Lease ends

Resident moves out

Do an inspection

Check if there is damage to the apartment or unpaid rent/costs - just as with a cash deposit

The Standby Deposit is used if needed

If there is damage or unpaid rent / costs, then the Standby Deposit is available on demand. Otherwise, you just cancel it
eligibility and terms

All you need to know

Resident eligibility:
Everyone is eligible
Pricing depends on your credit score
Pricing starts at $4 per month for a $1,000 Standby Deposit
It's funds that belong to you
Exactly in the same way a cash deposit would be used
No claims process. Standby Deposits Inc. doesn't get involved
Local and state laws about cash deposits usage apply
Landlord agrees not to request a cash deposit
Instead a Standby Deposit is accepted
Standby Deposit provides exact same protection
No cash is held by landlord but cash is available on demand
Close-out terms:
A Standby Deposit is to be used exactly like a cash deposit
No claims process. Paid on demand
Landlord is liable to follow laws exactly as if they had used a cash deposit
Disputes solved in same forum as cash deposit disputes